What to expect

Engagement Session:  I hope you take advantage of the complimenty engagement session as it really lets us work and get comfortable with each other before the BIG DAY. Plus, it will give you an opportunity to get dressed up and get some amazing shots of the two of you. Think of it as a date and your personal photographer just happens to be there. How many couples do you know, that take the time to have great shots of just the two of them? Don’t worry, I make it fun and comfortable and soon you’ll think of me as a friend. Hopefully, we will become friends on Facebook and you’ll be able to show off your engagement pictures to your friends.

Editing:  Your wedding photos will be edited in my clean style of editing that I am known for so that they are never over processed and you still look like you. I also create a Fine Art gallery where I apply a film emulsion aka rich matte look to some of our favorite images as a bonus and these are gorgeous and our little surprise to you! Although I train and work closely with all of my associate photographers, I personally select and edit all of your wedding photos. It’s just what I do.

Direction and Striking a Pose:  I blend candid shots with posed shots, because let’s face it, most couples are not models. Knowing how to gently pose couples without the images looking too “stiff” is something that’s been fine-tuned at DK Photography. In the beginning of my photography career, many couples would say “we have no idea what to do” when it came time for their formals. I went into the fashion photography industry while still shooting weddings and learned all about posing and making my subjects feel natural while actually having a good time. No awkward poses with me, only natural looking and fun poses mixed with romanticism. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Story Telling:  I always arrive early after having a hearty lunch and look around the site. I check in with the bride and dive into the details that I’ve asked to have ready for me prior to your wedding day. Depending on if there are one or two photographers in your collection, I often dash over to the groom’s suite and capture his details and getting ready shots, then return to the bridal suite and document everything in a photojournalistic manner. Next comes the ceremony, the formals, and the reception. I’m big on capturing the details so I’ll take a few minutes going around the reception area capturing everything! It’s about telling your wedding story and the details are such a big part of the big picture.

In the Beginning:  In preparation for your wedding, I will do my research on your special customs, practices, and beliefs. Being a world traveler, I love to learn about different cultures. I don’t want to miss anything and I always want to be respectful and professional.  Before your wedding, I will also ask you to fill out a form with all the information I will need for the day. We call this form our wedding questionnaire and it’s completed and sent to me electronically. On your wedding day, I come well prepared, with extra backup, and a friendly attitude. I will be unobtrusive yet there for you should you need a snack or a glass of water.

Every Picture Tells a Story:  I work hard and generally produce 75-100 images per hour depending several factors like if you have your hair and makeup done in the time allotted for wedding photography, how extravagant the reception venue is decorated (centerpieces, special chairs, and much more) and how much time allotted for formals. Every wedding is unique but I never stop working. You are my beloved client and friend and I want to provide the best service and imagery so putting my camera down is not an option. After documenting weddings for 2 decades, I know what to do in low lighting, an outside ceremony suddenly becoming an indoor ceremony due to rain, and wild up lighting at the reception.

Saying I Do:   I never use flash during the ceremony and I know that many venues do not want any movement from the photographers. In cases involving limited movement, I go over the most important angles with you in advance and in cases not involving limited movement, I try to get shots from all pertinent angles without even being noticed. I want you to think something like “wow, I don’t even remember her being there.”

Travel Bug:  You can expect me to be passport ready because I love to travel. Cover my travel expenses and I’ll be there to document your wedding day but I always ask to arrive one day prior to your wedding day to ensure that I am well rested and can give you 100% of my talent and energy.

My Farewell:  Let’s have a great time and create some unforgettable memories. I won’t leave without saying goodbye and thanking you for a great experience. I will always ask if there is anything else you would like me to capture 15 minutes before I’m scheduled to leave.

The DK Blog and Such:  While you’re hopefully away on your honeymoon, I’ll post some of your images on Facebook and tag you in them for everybody you know to see. Then in approximately 3-4 weeks, you’ll have a short synopsis of your day on my blog so you can share it with your family and friends. I will write about how much fun we had, who you chose to work with you (vendors), and anything else I can think of. Your online gallery will also be ready in about a month’s time. Soon after you come back from your honeymoon (within 30 days) I will deliver your photos.  Now that you have images to choose from we can start designing your album (optional)

Meals:  You can expect my team and I to be hungry after a long day so supplying us with a vendor meal would be lovely. Although we pack a few high protein snacks, having a small meal would be greatly appreciated. Don’t worry, we will still be watching what’s going on around us with our cameras at the ready!

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