Wedding FAQ

Q: What does digital downloading mean?


A: They are the modern way to deliver high resolution images to my clients. I began offering custom DVD’s and Cases and they were lovely. Then, the fancy USB Drives and Boxes took image delivery by storm. I even blogged about them, see? Then, digital downloading became the way my clients wanted to receive their images so I chose Pixieset as my vendor of choice for galleries and digital downloading My clients can order prints and canvases right from their galleries and can download their wedding images with one click of the download button. It’s the easiest and fastest way to receive and share your images and we are proud to offer this method to our clients. We still offer custom DVD’s and USB Drives in the Add-On section.


Q: What’s with you and engagement sessions? What if I don’t want one?


A: They’re complimentary so no worries! Many of my brides are not local so “e-sessions” are pretty much out of the question but for local clients, I think it’s a lovely way to get to know one another a little before the wedding day. Often, my clients use their engagement photos for their Sign-In Album at the reception.


Q: How many pictures will we receive?


A: It depends on various things-how many hours, photographers, type of event. My average minimum is 500 images, but those numbers vary depending on the day.


Q: Do you edit all or our photographs?


A: Absolutely! Every image that you receive is edited by my editing team and we also further edit a select few to highlight our favorites. Your images will be beautifully edited by our professionals while never being over done! We love black and white photographs too and often shoot with that in mind.


Q: How long does it take before we receive our pictures and products?


A: Your online gallery will be posted within 4 weeks of the wedding date where you will be able to digitally download your high resolution wedding images with one click of a button! Printed proofs usually arrive within two weeks of ordering along with our canvas and gallery lines. Albums generally take anywhere between 7 weeks to 12 weeks, depending on how many revisions are requested.


Q: What is your pricing?


A: You can find a link to our pricing guide on the Investment page drop me an email and I’ll be happy to forward a complete list of my collections.


Q: Do you always work with a second photographer?


A: No, it depends on the wedding and the collection. I do, however, always work with an assistant who does everything from holding a light to organizing families for posing. We make a great team!


Q: Can we see all the pictures of our wedding day?


A: We go through your wedding day images and only remove the pictures that truly didn’t make the cut. A few examples are eyes closed, duplicates, flash not firing, and just when someone decides to start talking the second my shutter goes off. We never provide unflattering photos or images that simply did not turn out. These images are not archived and not available to give because they were not worthy of doing so. We hope that you trust us on this!


Q: Can we provide you with a shot list? We are Pinterest addicts!


A: It would be lovely that you didn’t except for maybe family group shots. It’s important to know the family members and friends that will be at your wedding for your time line, but I simply cannot work from a check list nor would you want me too! Each wedding is unique and to copy another wedding and another photographer’s work is something I shy away from. I want to capture your personalities and the essence of your wedding day as what it truly is: Unique and beautiful in every way.


Q: Do you have insurance and can you provide a certificate of insurance to my venue?


A: Yes, with a capital “Y” I have both equipment and liability insurance and simply can’t imagine any professional photographer without it! I am happy to supply any venue with my certificate of insurance and I actually do that quite often.


Q: What if we want you to stay longer at our wedding?


A: I provide hourly rates before your wedding just in case you want some extra time. I generally send the invoice after you’ve returned from your honeymoon.


Q: If I cancel my wedding, can I get a refund for the deposit?


A: The deposit is to book your date with me and is non-refundable. Your date is held exclusively for you and any inquiries that may have come during that time were followed up with telling the potential client that I was already booked for that day.


Q: What kind of equipment do you use and do you have backup?


A: I use the Canon 5DMark III and the Mark II. I also have a backup camera, several flashes, and an assortment of lens, cards, and batteries. The list goes on but I only use top of the line gear and I bring a lot. I can’t help it, I’m a Canon junkie but I love my gear and it loves me….and you.


Q: Do you offer any discounts?


A: I offer weekday, military, and law enforcement discounts. Why? Weddings Monday – Thursday are rather rare and I’m grateful to those men and women who fight for our freedom and protect us from crazy people. I guess it’s one of my ways to “give back.”


Q: Do we have to feed you at the reception?


A: We do carry healthy snacks in our bags but wedding photography is hard work and feeding us would definitely be lovey! It doesn’t have to be a sit-down meal and many caterers offer what is called “vendor meals.” It’s certainly a good idea to have happy and non-starving vendors at your wedding; after all, you don’t want your photographer passing out from hunger during the bouquet toss. Seriously though, it would be thoughtful to think of us!


Q: Can other people at my wedding take pictures too?


A: Sure, as long as they don’t mow me down or step in front of me to “get the shot!” I do ask that family and friends let me take the formals without interruption to ensure that all eyes are on me! For the bridal images, I don’t allow any family or friends to come along because I’ve found throughout the years that it causes a distraction. We want our formals to be beautifully awesome in every way that this is our time alone with one another.


How would you describe your style of photography?


A: I take a journalistic approach but there is a time and place for posing to capture the essence of your wedding day. To ensure gorgeous images, there is some posing or guidance, especially during the formals, but I take an unobtrusive approach to capturing your wedding day, in general. The images of your guests are taken in a journalistic way and I don’t go from table to table at the reception and request that they pose for table shots. I like to capture them dancing, laughing, drinking, and simply having a good time. If I have a second photographer, I often have shots taken of your guests during cocktail hour. That depends on timing and other various factors.


Do you take table shots of my family and guests during the reception?


A: No and Yes. I take a journalistic approach and capture your friends and family dancing, mingling, laughing, and enjoying themselves on your wedding day. I don’t go from table to table and take shots with dirty plates and tossed napkins looming about, however, we can go from table to table, have everyone stand, and get an awesome shot of the bride and groom with ALL of their friends and family, one table at a time. I’ve probably said the word “table” way too many times but I’ll leave the iPads and Smart Phones for the “say cheese” shots while ensuring to capture all of your guests in a lovely manner. I often recommend a photo booth if you really want to see your guest having fun in pictures with silly hats and adorable sunglasses (I love photo booth pictures) but I’m really not a “table shooter.” I do make the best use of my time and find innovative ways of ensuring that your family and friends are a part of your wedding day story.


Q: Albums and putting it all together!


A: You have a year to make your album selections at the rate provided at the time of your order. We offer a preview and three rounds of revisions at no extra cost to you. Once the layout is approved, we then go over size, cover options, imprinting, and color. Once this is signed off on, it will go to print and generally takes 2-3 weeks for the final production. Our albums are modern books that have a clean look to them. We create albums that are considered family heirlooms for future generations to view and enjoy. We take our albums very seriously and only use the best products this industry had to offer.

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