Engagement FAQ

Q: Why should we book an engagement session?


A: It’s one of the best ways for us to spend some quality time together so that by your wedding day, we’re like old friends! Well, that’s one reason. The other reason is so you can snuggle with your honey while making awesome images for your Sign-In Album! Those are the two most relevant reasons but honestly, they are a ton of fun!


Q: How do we choose a location?


A: The location is entirely up to you and it should hold some special meaning to you and fit your style and personalities. We will discuss time and location prior to the session to ensure the best light and such. The options though are endless.


Q: How long does it take?


A: Engagement sessions generally run from 60-90 minutes but vary from session to session.


Q: What should we wear?


A: I am so glad you asked that. Wear something that reflects YOUR style and personality but remember, you will be looking at these photos for years to come so you definitely want to put some thought into it. Also, take the location of your session into account. For example, if you’re having your session in one of our lovely parks, you definitely don’t wear to wear a green shirt. Everything here is GREEN….ALL YEAR ROUND! Pinterest is a great source of inspiration and I’ve even created my own board of what to wear for engagement sessions. Do BRING AN OUTFIT CHANGE OR TWO! This makes for a more interesting session!


Q:Should I get my hair and makeup professionally done?


A: Yes, please do! Getting your hair and makeup professionally done will ensure that you look your best! It’s really a smart investment and you will be SO glad you did.


Q: Can we include our pet in our engagment session?


A: Yes! We are open to including pets during an engagement session, but as they are a bit unpredictable we ask that a family member or friend come along to help look after them. We suggest that we include the pet during the first half an hour of the session and then the family member or friend can take them back home so we can spend the rest of the time focused on you without any distractions.


Q: When will I get to see my photos?


A: About two weeks after your engagement session, we’ll post a preview of your photos on the blog. We encourage you to forward the link to family and friends and share your images with others. There’s even a comment section under each post where people can leave you messages. The rest of the photos will be edited within three weeks and put into an online gallery where you can download them, share them on Facebook or purchase prints.


Q: What is a Sign In Album?


A: Sign In is a great way to showcase your engagement images. These are modern, lay-flat albums designed with blank space left for your wedding guests to leave you special messages on your big day. These albums are used in place of a tradition guestbook where guests only have room to sign their names. After your wedding, the album will serve as a wonderful momento of your engagement session and contain all the love and well wishes from your family and friends. You won’t want to just throw this guest book in a box with your other wedding keepsakes, it will remain out to look at and share for years to come!

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