The “C” Family | Clearwater Family Photographer

I met Rick when I sent my lab, Bokeh, to his 3-week training camp. Bokeh used to jump on everyone who entered my house and nothing I did seemed to solve the problem. Now, she follows the “place” command and goes to her chair when people enter until I give her the “free” command. Problem solved! So I was thrilled to do their family session because we already had a relationship and I felt like I was with friends. Mason, their 3 year old wanted nothing to do with having his picture taken but in the end, we got some cute smiles and I suspect the promise of ice cream after the session helped. Drako and Skyler, their two dogs, also joined us on the shoot and as much as I wanted to kiss and cuddle them, they aren’t the kiss and cuddle type of dogs. Trained as attack dogs, their disposition is a little different than my dogs who live for hugs and treats. I did get to see their beautiful faces and being a dog lover, it made my day! Even if I didn’t get to play with them, I got to see their beautiful faces.

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