Meghan and Joey | White Chapel Wedding

We chose Tarpon Springs for their engagement session and had such a good time, I knew their wedding was going to be awesome. I started out at the Beso Del Sol Resort for Meghan’s getting ready pictures and then headed over to the White Chapel. Although I’ve shot weddings there a dozen times, each one seems so unique, like I’m there for the first time. We took a few pictures outside the church and then headed over to the Dunedin Golf Club where the night was danced away and I’ve got the proof! I loved the cobalt blue and light green colors throughout and the country club was great for taking formals. It couldn’t have been a better evening.

Florist: Hamiltons Florist
VIdegrapher: Lexoria Wedding FIlms
DJ: Grant Hemond $ Associates
Photo Booth: Prince Charming

Getting Ready-1-2P I NGetting Ready-2-2P I NGetting Ready-3-2P I NGetting Ready-4-2P I NGetting Ready-5-2P I NGetting Ready-6_1P I NGetting Ready-6-2P I NGetting Ready-7-2P I NGetting Ready-8-2P I NGetting Ready-9-2P I NGetting Ready-10-2P I NGetting Ready-11-2P I NGetting Ready-12-2P I NGetting Ready-13-2P I NGetting Ready-14-2P I NGetting Ready-15-2P I NGetting Ready-16-2P I NGetting Ready-17_1P I NGetting Ready-17-2P I NGetting Ready-18-2P I NGetting Ready-19-2P I NGetting Ready-20-2P I NGetting Ready-21-2P I NGetting Ready-22-2P I NGetting Ready-23-2P I NGetting Ready-24-2P I NGetting Ready-25-2P I NGetting Ready-26-2P I NGetting Ready-27-2P I NGetting Ready-28-2P I NGetting Ready-29-2P I NGetting Ready-30-2P I NGetting Ready-31-2P I NGetting Ready-32-2P I NGetting Ready-33-2P I NGetting Ready-34-2P I NGetting Ready-35-2P I NGetting Ready-36-2P I NGetting Ready-37-2P I NGetting Ready-38-2P I NGetting Ready-39-2P I NGetting Ready-40-2P I NGetting Ready-41-2P I NGetting Ready-42-2P I NGetting Ready-43-2P I NGetting Ready-45-2P I NGetting Ready-46-2P I NGetting Ready-47-2P I NGetting Ready-48-2P I NGetting Ready-49-2P I NGetting Ready-50-2P I NGetting Ready-51-2P I NGetting Ready-52-2P I NGetting Ready-53-2P I NGetting Ready-55-2P I NGetting Ready-56-2P I NGetting Ready-57-2P I NGetting Ready-58-2P I NGetting Ready-59-2P I NGetting Ready-60-2P I NGetting Ready-61-2P I NGetting Ready-62-2P I NGetting Ready-63-2P I NGetting Ready-64-2P I NGetting Ready-65-2P I NCeremony-1P I NCeremony-2P I NCeremony-3P I NCeremony-4P I NCeremony-5P I NCeremony-6P I NCeremony-7P I NCeremony-8P I NCeremony-9P I NCeremony-10P I NCeremony-11P I NCeremony-12P I NCeremony-13P I NCeremony-14P I NCeremony-15P I NCeremony-16P I NCeremony-17P I NCeremony-18P I NCeremony-19P I NCeremony-20P I N

Formals-1P I NFormals-3P I NFormals-4P I NFormals-5P I NFormals-6P I NFormals-7P I NFormals-8P I NFormals-9P I NFormals-10P I NFormals-11P I NFormals-12P I NFormals-13P I NFormals-14P I NFormals-15P I NFormals-16P I NFormals-17P I NFormals-18P I NFormals-19P I NFormals-20P I NFormals-21P I NFormals-22P I NFormals-23P I NFormals-24P I NFormals-25P I NFormals-26P I NFormals-27P I NFormals-28P I NFormals-29P I NFormals-30P I NFormals-31P I NFormals-32P I NFormals-33P I NFormals-34P I NFormals-35P I NFormals-36P I NFormals-36_1P I NFormals-37P I NFormals-37_1P I NFormals-38P I NFormals-39P I NFormals-39_1P I NFormals-40P I NFormals-41P I NFormals-42P I NFormals-43P I NFormals-44P I NFormals-45P I NFormals-46P I NFormals-47P I NFormals-48P I NFormals-49P I NFormals-50P I NFormals-51P I N8P I NReception-(P I NReception-_19P I NReception-1P I NReception-1_1P I NReception-1_2P I NReception-1_3P I NReception-1_4P I NReception-1_5P I NReception-1_6P I NReception-1_7P I NReception-1_10P I NReception-1_11P I NReception-1_12P I NReception-1_13P I NReception-1_15P I NReception-1_16P I NReception-1_18P I NReception-1_20P I NReception-1_21P I NReception-2P I NReception-3P I NReception-4P I NReception-5P I NReception-7P I NReception-8P I NReception-9P I NReception-10P I NReception-11P I NReception-13P I NReception-14P I NReception-15P I NReception-17P I NReception-19P I NReception-20P I NReception-21P I NReception-22P I NReception-23P I NReception-24P I NReception-25P I NReception-26P I NReception-27P I NReception-28P I NReception-29P I NReception-30P I NReception-31P I NReception-32P I NReception-33P I NReception-34P I NReception-35P I NReception-36P I NReception-37P I NReception-38P I NReception-39P I NReception-40P I NReception-40_1P I NReception-41P I NReception-42P I NReception-44P I NReception-45P I NReception-46P I NReception-47P I NReception-47_1P I NReception-48P I NReception-49P I NReception-51P I NReception-52P I NReception-53P I NReception-55P I NReception-56P I NReception-57P I NReception-58P I NReception-60P I NReception-61P I NReception-62P I NReception-63P I NReception-65P I NReception-66P I NReception-67P I NReception-68P I NReception-69P I NReception-70P I NReception-71P I NReception-72P I NReception-73P I NReception-75P I NReception-83P I NReception-84P I NReception-85P I NReception-90P I NReception-90_1P I N

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