Kelly & Mike |The Westin Tampa Harbour Island Wedding

When Kelly and Mike told me over the phone that they didn’t want formals and there would be no traditional gown, I was both thrilled and a little shocked! I don’t get to hear that very often and I love documenting a wedding exactly as it’s going down without any posing at all. Just capturing natural events and smiles as they occur. That was exactly what Kelly and Mike’s wedding was like. An immense amount of love and untraditional fun and simply one of the best non-traditional weddings I’ve ever attended. Praise any offbeat bride. You guys always melt my heart.

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Ceremony 1P I NCeremony 2P I NCeremony 3P I NCeremony 4P I NCeremony 5P I NCeremony 6P I NCeremony 7P I NCeremony 8P I NCeremony 9P I NCeremony 10P I NCeremony 11P I NCeremony 12P I NCeremony 13P I NCeremony 14P I NCeremony 15P I NCeremony 16P I NCeremony 17P I NCeremony 18P I NCeremony 19P I N

Reception 1P I NReception 2P I NReception 3P I NReception 4P I NReception 5P I NReception 6P I Nreception-7P I Nreception-8P I Nreception-9P I Nreception-10P I Nreception-11P I Nreception-12P I Nreception-13P I Nreception-14P I Nreception-15P I Nreception-16P I Nreception-17P I Nreception-18P I Nreception-19P I Nreception-20P I Nreception-21P I Nreception-22P I Nreception-23P I Nreception-24P I Nreception-25P I Nreception-26P I Nreception-27P I Nreception-28P I Nreception-29P I Nreception-30P I Nreception-31P I Nreception-32P I Nreception-33P I Nreception-34P I Nreception-35P I Nreception-36P I Nreception-37P I Nreception-38P I Nreception-39P I Nreception-40P I Nreception-41P I Nreception-42P I Nreception-43P I Nreception-44P I Nreception-45P I Nreception-46P I Nreception-47P I Nreception-48P I Nreception-49P I Nreception-50P I Nreception-51P I Nreception-52P I Nreception-53P I Nreception-54P I Nreception-55P I Nreception-56P I Nreception-57P I Nreception-58P I Nreception-59P I Nreception-60P I Nreception-61P I Nreception-62P I Nreception-63P I Nreception-64P I Nreception-65P I Nreception-66P I Nreception-67P I Nreception-68P I Nreception-69P I Nreception-70P I Nreception-71P I Nreception-72P I Nreception-73P I Nreception-74P I Nreception-75P I Nreception-76P I Nreception-77P I Nreception-78P I Nreception-79P I Nreception-80P I Nreception-81P I Nreception-82P I Nreception-83P I Nreception-84P I Nreception-85P I Nreception-86P I Nreception-87P I Nreception-88P I Nreception-90P I N

Well, you get the idea! Everyone was having such a good time, I could keep adding photos for hours!

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