Alicia and Daniel | Greek Orthodox Wedding

Have you ever been at a reception and the lights go out and you’re in complete darkness? No? Well, neither had my team and I but when a transformer blew on Davis Island, that’s exactly what happened. But let’s start from the beginning. Alicia and the bridal party had their hair and makeup done when I arrived at St. John’s Greek Orthodox Church and one of the things that make this ceremony so special was that Alicia’s father was one of the Priests. That added an extra dose of love in a beautiful ceremony. We headed over to the Davis Garden Club for formals and the reception but only had a short time before the lights went out. The First Dances were announced and as you can see, we got through it and the event was just as perfect as it could be. Of course, the lights came on the minute we were packed up and ready to go but isn’t that the way it always goes?

Florist: AE Events
Catering: Olympia
Cake Artist: Olympia

Ceremony-1P I NCeremony-2P I NCeremony-3P I NCeremony-4P I NCeremony-5P I NCeremony-6P I NCeremony-7P I NCeremony-8P I NCeremony-9P I NCeremony-10P I NCeremony-11P I NCeremony-12P I NCeremony-13P I NCeremony-14P I NCeremony-15P I NCeremony-16P I NCeremony-17P I NCeremony-18P I NCeremony-19P I NCeremony-20P I NCeremony-21P I NCeremony-22P I NCeremony-23P I NCeremony-24P I NCeremony-25P I NCeremony-26P I NCeremony-27P I NCeremony-28P I NCeremony-29P I NCeremony-30P I NCeremony-31P I NCeremony-32P I NCeremony-33P I NCeremony-33_1P I NCeremony-34P I NCeremony-35P I NCeremony-36P I NCeremony-37P I NCeremony-38P I NCeremony-39P I NCeremony-40P I NCeremony-41P I NCeremony-42P I NCeremony-43P I NCeremony-44P I NCeremony-45P I NCeremony-46P I NCeremony-47P I NCeremony-48P I NCeremony-49P I NCeremony-50P I NCeremony-51P I NCeremony-52P I NCeremony-53P I NCeremony-54P I NCeremony-55P I NCeremony-56P I NCeremony-57P I NCeremony-58P I NCeremony-59P I NCeremony-60P I NCeremony-61P I NCeremony-62P I NCeremony-63P I NCeremony-64P I NCeremony-65P I NCeremony-66P I N

Formals-00P I NFormals-0P I NFormals-0_1P I NFormals-0_2P I NFormals-0_3P I NFormals-1P I NFormals-2P I NFormals-2_0P I NFormals-2_1P I NFormals-2_2P I NFormals-2_3P I NFormals-3P I NFormals-4P I NFormals-4_1P I NFormals-5P I NFormals-6P I NFormals-7P I NFormals-8P I NFormals-8_1P I NFormals-9P I NFormals-9_1P I NFormals-10P I NFormals-11P I NFormals-12P I NFormals-12_1P I NFormals-13P I NFormals-14P I NFormals-15P I NFormals-15_1P I NFormals-16P I NFormals-17P I NFormals-18P I NFormals-19P I NFormals-20P I N

Reception_1P I NReception_2P I NReception-3P I NReception-4P I NReception-5P I NReception-6P I NReception-7P I NReception-8P I NReception-9P I NReception-10P I NReception-11P I NReception-12P I NReception-13P I NReception-14P I NReception-15P I NReception-16P I NReception-17P I NReception-18P I NReception-19P I NReception-20P I NReception-21P I NReception-22P I NReception-23P I NReception-24P I NReception-25P I NReception-26P I NReception-27P I NReception-28P I NReception-29P I NReception-30P I NReception-31P I NReception-32P I NReception-33P I NReception-34P I NReception-35P I NReception-36P I NReception-37P I NReception-38P I NReception-39P I NReception-40P I NReception-41P I NReception-42P I NReception-43P I NReception-44P I NReception-45P I NReception-46P I NReception-47P I NReception-48P I NReception-49P I NReception-50P I NReception-51P I NReception-52P I NReception-53P I NReception-54P I NReception-55P I NReception-56P I NReception-57P I NReception-58P I NReception-59P I NReception-60P I NReception-61P I NReception-62P I NReception-63P I NReception-64P I N

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