Emily & Jason | South Florida Museum Wedding

Fellow photographer, Emily, was the sweetest bride a girl could ever hope to photograph. Documenting their wedding story at the South Florida Museum was a simple, yet elegant affair. The Spanish theme of the museum with a blend of soft pastels, created a perfectly beautiful ceremony and reception venue. I absolutely love that place.

I didn’t meet Emily prior to her wedding day and was awestruck at how beautiful and sweet she was. That gorgeous cake you see is from…wait for it……..Publix. I’m the first to admit that I’m a BOGO junkie but Publix really does make some slamming cakes. Emily’s dress came from Athena’s Bridal and her lovely bridesmaid dresses were from Something Blue Bridal Boutique. Stunning to say the least in my humble opinion. I only stayed at the reception for an hour but I did get the cake cutting! This South Florida Museum wedding was so amazing with an even more amazing group of family and friends.

Dress 0P I N

Dress 1P I N

Dress 3P I N

Dress 4P I N

Getting Ready Three FramesP I N

HY7A2356P I N

HY7A2472P I N

HY7A2472_1P I N

HY7A2488P I N

HY7A2491P I N

HY7A2510P I N

HY7A2519P I N

HY7A2524P I N

HY7A2542P I N

HY7A2570P I N

HY7A2570_1P I N

HY7A2572P I N

HY7A2572_1P I N

HY7A2600P I N

HY7A2606P I N

HY7A2606_1P I N

HY7A2701P I N

IMG_0933P I N

IMG_0950P I N

IMG_0957P I N

HY7A2835P I N

HY7A2835_1P I N

HY7A2841P I N

HY7A2841_1P I N

HY7A2841_2P I N

HY7A2901P I N

HY7A2906P I N

HY7A2931P I N

HY7A2932P I N

HY7A2941P I N

HY7A2956P I N

HY7A2957P I N

HY7A2958P I N





HY7A2657P I N

HY7A2659P I N

HY7A2664P I N

HY7A2665P I N

HY7A2669P I N

HY7A2673P I N


HY7A3064P I N

HY7A3064_1P I N

HY7A3082_blog sizeP I N

HY7A3086P I N

HY7A3089P I N


HY7A3109P I N

HY7A3110P I N

HY7A3114P I N

HY7A3142P I N

HY7A3142_1P I N

HY7A3142_2P I N

HY7A3165_BlogP I N

IMG_1040P I N

IMG_1077P I N

IMG_1077_1P I N

IMG_1105P I N

IMG_1132P I N

IMG_1141P I N
HY7A2683P I N
HY7A2689P I N
HY7A2709P I N
HY7A3130P I N
HY7A3132P I N
HY7A3137P I N
HY7A3168P I N
HY7A3172P I N
HY7A3181P I N
HY7A3218P I N
HY7A3228P I N
HY7A3238P I N
HY7A3240P I N
HY7A3243P I N
HY7A3268P I N
HY7A3283P I N
IMG_1483P I N

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