Victoria and Matt – Tampa Wedding Photography by Debra Kapustin

I initially met Victoria and Matt at a little eatery in Tampa and absolutely loved the questions she asked me. Questions that EVERY bride should ask like “did I carry liability insurance?” etc. Once they decided that I was a good fit and vice versa, we setup the engagement shoot at Disney Boardwalk! It’s one of my favorite places to roam about and shoot. You can see their engagement session here!

Their ceremony was at the church that is a huge part of their families and where Victoria and Matt first met. Their entire love story is one that fairy tales with happy endings are made of. In all the years that I’ve been a wedding photographer, I’ve never seen anyone so in love like Matt. Ok, hold on, before I get slammed with emails with “Hey, you moron, I loved my wife like that and YOU were OUR wedding photographer!” I’m talking about a certain look and gaze that was just….oh heck, I don’t know, different. Delightfully different. It just rocked my world, how’s that? I was surprised to learn that Victoria plays the piano beautifully and she played a beautiful song for Matt during the ceremony. The gal has beauty and brains and if that isn’t enough, can really bust a move! The limo swept them to Higgins Hall where the food was served, the champagne glasses raised, and the DJ cut loose and the dance floor was shaking it was lively. I just love Victoria and Matt, the families and friends, and most of all…having had the opportunity to witness their vows. These two are going to reach their dreams an goals in this life, I have no doubts at all.

Getting Ready_0001P I N

Getting Ready_0002P I N

Getting Ready_0003P I N

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Getting Ready_0005P I N

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Getting Ready_0007P I N

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Ceremony_0001P I N

Ceremony_0002P I N

Ceremony_0003P I N

Ceremony_0004P I N

Ceremony_0005P I N

Ceremony_0006P I N

Ceremony_0007P I N

Ceremony_0008P I N

Ceremony_0009P I N

Ceremony_0010P I N

Ceremony_0011P I N

Ceremony_0012P I N

Formals_0002P I N

Formals_0003P I N

Formals_0004P I N

Formals_0005P I N

Formals_0006P I N

Formals_0007P I N

Formals_0008P I N

Formals_0009P I N

Formals_0010P I N

Formals_0011P I N

Formals_0012P I N

Formals_0013P I N

Formals_0014P I N

Formals_0015P I N

Formals_0016P I N

Formals_0017P I N

Formals_0018P I N

Formals_0019P I N

Formals_0020P I N

Formals_0021P I N

Formals_0022P I N

Formals_0023P I N

Recception 0001P I N

Recception 0002P I N

Recception 0003P I N

Recception 0004P I N

Recception 0006P I N

Recception 0007P I N

Recception 0008P I N

Recception 0009P I N

Recception 0010P I N

Recception 0011P I N

Recception 0012P I N

Recception 0013P I N

Recception 0014P I N

Recception 0015P I N

Recception 0016P I N

Recception 0017P I N

Recception 0018P I N

Recception 0019P I N

Recception 0020P I N

Recception 0021P I N

Recception 0022P I N

Recception 0023P I N

Recception 0024P I N

Recception 0025P I N

Recception 0026P I N

Recception 0027P I N

Recception 0028P I N

Recception 0028_1P I N

Recception 0028_2P I N

Recception 0029P I N

Recception 0030P I N

Recception 0031P I N

Recception 0032P I N

Recception 0033P I N

Recception 0034P I N

Recception 0035P I N

Recception 0036P I N

Recception 0037P I N

Recception 0038P I N

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