Hanhthy and MinhPhuong | Wedding at the Tampa Garden Club

Venue: Tampa Garden Club
DJ: Celebrations of Tampa Bay
Catering: Hao Wah Catering
Cake Artist: Cupcake Towers by Thiena Deli
Lighting: Tampa Lights

Hanhthy aka Tea arrived at the Tampa Garden Club hair and makeup ready so I dashed to get a few pictures of her dress and shoes. This wedding was filled with so many awesome people, I enjoyed myself probably more than I should while shooting like crazy!
We caught so many fun dance moves, fun and touching moments, and everything that can make up an awesome wedding but the joy of being able to witness it, well, it’s priceless.

Getting Ready_0001P I N

Getting Ready_0002P I N

Getting Ready_0003P I N

Getting Ready_0004P I N

Getting Ready_0005P I N

Getting Ready_0006P I N

Getting Ready_0007P I N

Ceremony_0001P I N

Ceremony_0002P I N

Ceremony_0003P I N

Ceremony_0004P I N

Ceremony_0005P I N

Ceremony_0006P I N

Ceremony_0007P I N

Ceremony_0008P I N

Ceremony_0008_1P I N

Ceremony_0009P I N

Ceremony_00010P I N

Ceremony_00011P I N

Ceremony_00012P I N

Formals_0001P I N

Formals_0003P I N

Formals_0004P I N

Formals_0005P I N

Formals_0006P I N

Formals_0007P I N

Formals_0008P I N

Formals_0009P I N

Formals_00010P I N

Formals_00011P I N

Formals_00012P I N

Formals_00012_1P I N

Formals_00013P I N

Formals_00015P I N

Formals_00016P I N

Formals_00017P I N

Formals_00018P I N

Formals_00019P I N

Formals_00020P I N

Formals_00021P I N

Formals_00022P I N

Formals_00023P I N

Formals_00024P I N

Formals_00025P I N

Formals_00026P I N

Formals_00027P I N

Formals_00028P I N

Formals_00029P I N

Formals_00030P I N

Reception_0001P I N
Reception_0002P I N
Reception_0003P I N
Reception_0004P I N
Reception_0005P I N
Reception_0006P I N
Reception_0007P I N
Reception_0008P I N
Reception_0009P I N
Reception_0010P I N
Reception_0011P I N
Reception_0012P I N
Reception_0013P I N
Reception_0014P I N
Reception_0014_1P I N
Reception_0016P I N
Reception_0017P I N
Reception_0018P I N
Reception_0019P I N
Reception_0020P I N
Reception_0021P I N
Reception_0022P I N
Reception_0023P I N
Reception_0024P I N
Reception_0025P I N

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