Melissa + Mark | Married

Venue: Grand Hyatt
Makeup: Beauty Brought Out
Wedding Coordinator: Mariana Miranda
Florist: La Vie En Rose
DJ: Tom Strocchio aka DJ Tommy Who
Wedding Dress Designer: Nicole Miller
Cake Artist: Alessi’s Bakery

I met Melissa at this cute little Tarot Card café that had a catchy name and a good witches brew aka coffee. Actually, neither of us knew what kind of place it was but agreed to meet there due to the location so we were a little surprised. The good news was that she hired me to be their wedding photographer!

For their engagement photos, we chose Curtis Hixon Park on a Sunday. I arrived a little early and was watching people walk by me with their yoga mats and I kept thinking, “Wow, that must be a big class!” That’s an understatement because I learned that every Sunday, Curtis Hixon park has a huge yoga class and I’m talking over a hundred people. Everyone seemed to know that but yours truly.

Fast forward to their wedding day and it was an elegant, non-traditional wedding. That simply means that Melissa decided upon a cupcake bar as opposed to a wedding cake, delectable food stations in exchange for served dinners, and scratched the bouquet toss! I find more brides passing on the traditions like the garter and bouquet toss which is a solid sign that some of the old traditions are being replaced. I find that to be a welcome as long as there is love, it’s really about celebrating that in the way that just feels right. I suppose that’s different for everyone and for Melissa and Mark, they focused on the love and warmth from all of their friends and family. The wedding was absolutely perfect in every way!

Getting Ready 0001P I N

Getting Ready 0002P I N

Getting Ready 0003P I N

Getting Ready 0004P I N

Getting Ready 0005P I N

Getting Ready 0006P I N

Getting Ready 0007P I N

Getting Ready 0008P I N

Getting Ready 0009P I N

Getting Ready 0010P I N

Getting Ready 0011P I N

Getting Ready 0012P I N

Getting Ready 0013P I N

Getting Ready 0014P I N

Getting Ready 0015P I N

Getting Ready 0016P I N

Getting Ready 0018P I N

Getting Ready 0019P I N

Getting Ready 0020P I N

Getting Ready 0021P I N

Getting Ready 0022P I N

Ceremony 0001P I N

Ceremony 0002P I N

Ceremony 0003P I N

Ceremony 0004P I N

Ceremony 0005P I N

Ceremony 0006P I N

Ceremony 0007P I N

Ceremony 0008P I N

Ceremony 0009P I N

Ceremony 0010P I N

Ceremony 0011P I N

Formals 0001P I N

Formals 0002P I N

Formals 0003P I N

Formals 0004P I N

Formals 0005P I N

Formals 0006P I N

Formals 0007P I N

Formals 0008P I N

Formals 0009P I N

Formals 0010P I N

Formals 0011P I N

Formals 0012P I N

Formals 0013P I N

Formals 0014P I N

Formals 0015P I N

Formals 0016P I N

Formals 0017P I N

Formals 0018P I N

Formals 0019P I N

Formals 0020P I N

Formals 0021P I N

Formals 0022P I N

Formals 0023P I N

Reception 0001P I N

Reception 0001_1P I N

Reception 0001_2P I N

Reception 0002P I N

Reception 0003P I N

Reception 0004P I N

Reception 0005P I N

Reception 0006P I N

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