Maura and Lee | Married — Edson Keith Mansion Wedding

Maura and Jeremy’s wedding was held at the lovely Edson Keith Mansion and was a total DIY affair. It’s pretty easy to guess what Maura’s favorite colors are but a lot of love was put into this wedding. They also wanted to ensure that they made room in their budgets for a good photographer (that would be me), plenty of wine and good food (that would be Mattison’s Catering service), and an awesome honeymoon to Africa (that would be them)! They met on Eharmony and even while writing this blog post, I can’t help but think that maybe I should hop back on there too. I suspect my online dating journey should be saved for another post so back to Maura and Jeremy. They love wine (omg, who doesn’t) and the color pink and those are the foundations upon which the venue décor was built. An intimate wedding with around 50 guests, it was one long table decorated in an explosion of pink!

Getting Ready_0001P I N

Getting Ready_0002P I N

Getting Ready_0003P I N

Getting Ready_0004P I N

Getting Ready_0005P I N

Getting Ready_0006P I N

Getting Ready_0007P I N

Getting Ready_0008P I N

Getting Ready_0009P I N

Getting Ready_0010P I N

Getting Ready_0011P I N

Getting Ready_0012P I N

Getting Ready_0013P I N

Getting Ready_0014P I N

Getting Ready_0015P I N

Getting Ready_0016P I N

Getting Ready_0017P I N

Getting Ready_0018P I N

Getting Ready_0019P I N

Getting Ready_0020P I N

Ceremony 0001P I N

Ceremony 0002P I N

Ceremony 0003P I N

Ceremony 0004P I N

Ceremony 0005P I N

Ceremony 0006P I N

Ceremony 0007P I N

Ceremony 0008P I N

Formals_0001P I N

Formals_0002P I N

Formals_0003P I N

Formals_0004P I N

Formals_0005P I N

Formals_0006P I N

Formals_0007P I N

Formals_0008P I N

Formals_0009P I N

Formals_0010P I N

Formals_0011P I N

Formals_0011_1P I N

Formals_0012P I N

Formals_0013P I N

Formals_0014P I N

Formals_0015P I N

Formals_0016P I N

Formals_0017P I N

Formals_0018P I N

Formals_0019P I N

Formals_0020P I N

Formals_0021P I N

Reception_0001P I N

Reception_0002P I N

Reception_0003P I N

Reception_0004P I N

Reception_0005P I N

Reception_0006P I N

Reception_0007P I N

Reception_0008P I N

Reception_0009P I N

Reception_0010P I N

Reception_0011P I N

Reception_0012P I N

Reception_0013P I N

Reception_0014P I N

Reception_0014_1P I N

Reception_0014_2P I N

Reception_0014_3P I N

Reception_0015P I N

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