Stan and Louie | Married

Every now and then you meet someone who inspires you and lifts you up so much, it seems surreal. I was lucky enough to meet two people who were living, breathing examples of what love truly means and who go through this world as selfless, loving people that I admire very deeply. Stan and Louie were married in New York and exchanged their vows just days before the father of Louie’s organ donor passed away. It was important to them that he witness their marriage and joy. I stopped by their beautiful home to include their two furry companions, Duchess and Barkley, in their pre-reception session. Although they were recently married, they’ve been together for 25 years and with the new laws coming into effect, it is an amazing and long overdue time for them. Their home has 25 years of love and renovations permeating every crack and crevice and is a jaw dropping wonderland. From their inviting and warm décor to the crystal swimming pool, their home is a warm and welcoming place.

But their session is bitter sweet. Just days after this session, Duchess who was 13 passed away. I was sad to hear that but I know that with Stan and Louie, she had a wonderful life and is now in a beautiful place with meadows and sunshine! I can’t thank Stan and Louie enough for sharing a small piece of their life with me. They truly are an inspiration.

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