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Makeup and Hair: Melinda Henry Makeup Artistry

Tobi is a 40 year old health guru who is on a journey to reach her ultimate fitness level. I would say she’s reaching her goals quite nicely and don’t remember looking that fit even when I was 20! Tobi, like most women, never thought about doing a boudoir session and this is another post to let women know, boudoir is for every woman regardless of age or size. It’s the best way I know to celebrate being a woman and makes the best gift EVER to the love of your life. Seriously, it’s one of the those special gifts and beats a tie any day! I never post my boudoir sessions (their private with a capital P) so it’s nice to have this opportunity. I can’t thank my friend, Tobi,enough for allowing me to do so.

This is Tobi’s before and after look!

0001P I N

0002P I N

0003P I N

0004P I N

0005P I N

0006P I N

0007P I N

0008P I N

0009P I N

0010P I N

0011P I N

0012P I N

0012_1P I N

0012_2P I N

0012_3P I N

0013P I N

0014P I N

0015P I N

0016P I N

0017P I N

0018P I N

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