Erica and Angel | Married

Venue: Camelot on the Lake
Cake: Don Pan
Wedding Dress: Davids Bridal
Catering: Affordable Catering
Flowers: The Hub Florist
DJ: DJ Dnero

I’m a little behind on my blogging but thought it was high time I posted Erica and Angels wedding! Their family offered up their gorgeous home complete with a lake and a dock! With Erica’s angelic smile and Angel’s GQ sense of style, their formals were both romantic and fun. I just loved everything about this simple, yet elegant, wedding. Family, good friends, and exchanging vows with the one you love. I just don’t think it gets any better than that.

0026P I N

Getting Ready_1P I N

Getting Ready_2P I N

Getting Ready_3P I N

Getting Ready_4P I N

Getting Ready_5P I N

Getting Ready_6P I N

Getting Ready_7P I N

Getting Ready_8P I N

Getting Ready_9P I N

Getting Ready_10P I N

Getting Ready_11P I N

CeremonyP I N

Ceremony_0001P I N

Ceremony_0002P I N

Ceremony_0002_1P I N

Ceremony_0002_2P I N

Ceremony_0003P I N

Ceremony_0004P I N

Ceremony_0005P I N

Ceremony_0006P I N

Ceremony_0006_1P I N

Ceremony_0007P I N

Ceremony_0008P I N

Formals_0001P I N

Formals_0002P I N

Formals_0003P I N

Formals_0004P I N

Formals_0005P I N

Formals_0006P I N

Formals_0009P I N

Formals_0010P I N

Formals_0011P I N


Formals_0013P I N

Formals_0014P I N

Formals_0015P I N

Formals_0016P I N

Formals_0017P I N

Formals_0018P I N

Formals_0019P I N

Formals_0020P I N

Formals_0021P I N

Reception_0002P I N

Reception_0003P I N

Reception_0004P I N

Reception_0005P I N

Reception_0006P I N

Reception_0007P I N

Reception_0008P I N

Reception_0001P I N

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