Carrie | Boudoir Bombshell

Makeup and Hair: Melinda Henry Makeup

I’m addicted to my b-sessions and would love to share them with you but they are private sessions and my client’s trust in me means everything. Trust is one of the most important aspects of boudoir photography because my clients feel free to express their inner sexiness in all its beauty and wonder. I wanted to post something for my future clients to see and the message I want to send is that all woman are boudoir divas! It just takes you and your trusted photographer to bring out the things that define you as a woman. We are so many wonderful things but embracing our feminine side is a fun and fabulous experience. You’ll be seeing a series during the next several weeks on different gal pals of mine that agreed to some boudoir play because I want women all of the world to know that you don’t have to be a size or 21 to be beautiful. You are beautiful just as you are. Carrie is a gorgeous, curvaceous boudoir bombshell! A beautiful woman, inside and out, who posed for me with her husband, Kasey, looking on. Actually, he was on his phone for most of the session, but I’m a text nut too! I get it.

Before and After!

0001P I N

0002P I N

0003P I N

0004P I N

0005P I N

0006P I N

0007P I N

0008P I N

0009P I N

0010P I N

0011P I N

0012P I N

0013P I N

0014P I N

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