Rachel and Sonny | Married

Venue: Sheraton Sand Key
Bridal Dress: David’s Bridal
Hair and Makeup: Salon West
Cake Artist: Chantilly Cakes
Guitar Player: Marc Mannino
Bouqet: The Bride’s Bouquet

Rachel and Sonny were having an intimate wedding with family and a few close friends and planned on an elegant dinner at the Rusty Bistro in the Sheraton Hotel. This beach wedding couldn’t have been on a better day because it was cloudy and although hot, there was a nice breeze blowing! Since this wedding didn’t have the traditional reception and getting ready suite’s that larger weddings usually have, we customized a collection that was just right for them. It was amazing how we ended up with so many beautiful photos in the 4 hours we shared together and although I’d love to share them all, I’ll share a few or I’ll never get this blog posted!

Rachel’s father was the Officiant and Sonny’s brother started the ceremony. An intimate, family wedding if ever there was one. It must be an awesome feeling to marry your son or daughter and I’m sure it brings something even more sacred to exchanging vows. Rachel and Sonny met while doing missionary work in Africa and their love for God and helping others has paved a way for a future with love and support to make a difference in this world. I see the world as a better for having them in it. I really do!

Getting Ready_0001P I N

Getting Ready_0002P I N

Getting Ready_0003P I N

Getting Ready_0004P I N

Ceremony_0000P I N

Ceremony_0000_1P I N

Ceremony_0001P I N

Ceremony_0002P I N

Ceremony_0003P I N

Ceremony_0004P I N

Ceremony_0005P I N

Ceremony_0006P I N

Ceremony_0007P I N

Ceremony_0008P I N

Ceremony_0009P I N

Ceremony_0010P I N

Ceremony_0011P I N

Ceremony_0012P I N

Ceremony_0013P I N

Ceremony_0014P I N

Ceremony_0015P I N

Ceremony_0016P I N

Formals_0001P I N

Formals_0002P I N

Formals_0003P I N

Formals_0004P I N

Formals_0005P I N

Formals_0006P I N

Formals_0007P I N

Formals_0008P I N

Formals_0009P I N

Formals_0010P I N

Formals_0011P I N

Formals_0012P I N

Formals_0013P I N

Formals_0014P I N

Formals_0015P I N

0001P I N

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0004P I N

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