Kelly and Marvin | Married


Venue: Hilton
DJ:DJ Frank Lebano & Company
Makeup:Beauty Brought Out
Cake: A Better Cheesecake
Florist:Dana Dineen Florals
Bridal Dress:Allure Bridals
Rings: Jared Jewelers
Officiant: Marvin’s Father

It’s not every day that you witness the groom’s father marrying his son. Marvin’s dad was the officiant and the ceremony was so heartfelt, it almost brought tears to my eyes. The only thing that stopped me from crying was the voice inside my head that said, “You won’t be able to see.” During the ceremony, rose petals were thrown into the sea in remembrance of a loved one and I could actually FEEL the deep love and respect this family had for one another. It was amazing.

Kelly and Marvin liked the idea of blending fashion and romance together so we took a more untraditional approach to some of their photos. I think we pulled it off pretty well, even if I do say so myself.

I loved the simple, yet elegant style of their beach wedding. The clean, white colors mixed with pastels created a light and airy feel to the reception. The one thing I love about Florida and tropical weddings is that I find them so different. Sometimes the entire wedding is within a luxurious hotel and other times, more of a tropical setting. I guess I’m blessed to get the best of both worlds.

1P I N
Getting Ready 1P I N

Getting Ready 2P I N

Getting Ready 3P I N

Getting Ready 4P I N

Getting Ready 5P I N

Getting Ready 6P I N

Getting Ready 7P I N

Getting Ready 8P I N

Getting Ready 9P I N

Getting Ready 10P I N

Getting Ready 11P I N

Getting Ready 12P I N

Getting Ready 13P I N

Getting Ready 14P I N

Getting Ready 15P I N

Getting Ready 16P I N

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Getting Ready 19P I N

Getting Ready 20P I N

Getting Ready 21P I N

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0010P I N

Extras TWO 3 of 9P I N

Extras TWO 8 of 9P I N


Reception-2P I N

Reception-3P I N

Reception-4P I N

Reception-5P I N

Reception-6P I N

Reception-7P I N

Reception-8P I N

Reception-9P I N

Reception-10P I N

Reception-11P I N

Reception-12P I N

Reception-13P I N

Reception-14P I N

Reception-16P I N

Reception-17P I N

Reception-18P I N

Reception-19P I N

Reception-20P I N

Reception-21P I N

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