Mackenzie | High School Senior

I met Mackenzie at one of my favorite local spots in Clearwater and enjoyed her lively personality. She plans on becoming an environmental engineer so I thought a nice park setting would be a nice fit.
I love shooting high school juniors and seniors because they are fun and laugh at my goofy jokes. I also get to keep up with new lingo and abbreviations like SMH and OMG. What would life be like without our abbreviations and new words and phrases? I remember when “my bad” first became popular. I was working in finance and I typed a causual, inhouse email and said “my bag.” It was one of our youngest colleagues who knocked on my office door and said, “Deb, FYI. It’s my bad.” Ever since that day, I have been forever grateful to our young generation for helping us “older” folks stay hip…along with shopping in the junior department and visiting Barnes and Noble.

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