Laura and Brett | Married

Venue: Marriott South Beach
Event Coordinator: Gissell Paulino
Wedding Cake: Ana Pazcakes
Officiant: Reverend Gerald Radson
DJ: Party time DJs
Flowers: Flowers by Gerardo
Dress: David’s Bridal

I could tell by speaking with Laura on the phone that she was going to be one of the sweetest brides I’ve ever met, and sure enough, I was right! I felt at home right away as we started on our mini bridal boudoir session! Of course, I can’t share those with you but I will say that they are awesome. From the bridal suite, we headed toward the ceremony site and noticed that the wind had picked up considerably. No worries, we could handle that, but the “blending of the sands” ceremony was a tad different story as the sand blew in the wind but we captured that too!

A lovely and lively wedding, there were so many more photos I wanted to post but I’ve limited myself to 50 in order to actually get the blog up! I vowed to blog more between my shooting schedule…ahem. I must also say that this wedding is one of the many reasons I love to shoot in South Beach, Miami. Gorgeous venues, lively people, and a beach to die for.

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